Romantic rambles

by Webmaster, 22nd January 2019

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean an overpriced dinner surrounded by other couples – getting out into nature can be much more magical, and these walks have a few surprises, too

We’ve reached that time of year again – the shops are full of heart-shaped cards, roses and fluffy toys, and lovebirds up and down the Welsh Borders are scratching their heads wondering what on earth to do for Valentine’s Day.

Well, if you’re keen to make a full day of it (or just want an excuse to get outdoors), then why not whisk your loved one away to somewhere beautiful and whisper sweet nothings to them by a misty lake or an ancient castle?

And with all the canals, hills, ancient trees, historic towns, grand buildings and babbling rivers we have in our region, there’s always the opportunity to surprise your sweetheart by taking them to a beauty spot they never knew existed.

We have three such surprises in store this month with these easy ambles (because no one ever took a romantic slog up a mountain!).

ROUTE 1 – Walk the ancient shores of South Wales’ largest natural lake

ROUTE 2 – Wander charming streets and spy stunning vistas with this walk through Ludlow, Shropshire

ROUTE 3 – This scenic stroll on the Shropshire/Wrexham border takes in a canal, aqueduct and viaduct

Route inaccessible? If you find that any of the routes featured on walesandborders.com has become inaccessible in any way, do let us know so we can alert the necessary authorities on your behalf. You can email the Web Editor at webeditor@borderpublishing.com

For the full feature on romantic walks, see the February 2019 issue of Welsh Border Life. For back issues, click here.


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