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by Webmaster, 23rd January 2018

Iolo Williams supports woodland charity’s bid to increase tree cover in post-Brexit Wales

Picture by Sara K Bishop, Creative Commons

Tree planting in Wales is at its lowest level for a generation, which is why Welsh Border Life columnist and TV presenter Iolo Williams is urging people to sign a petition.

The Woodland Trust (Coed Cadw) has launched a campaign to urge the Welsh Government to make tree planting a priority. Once we leave the EU, the charity wants Wales to create its own Sustainable Land Use Policy to replace the European Common Agricultural Policy which it says has failed to address the need for trees in the landscape.

The Trust will present a petition to the Welsh Assembly on 27th February and Iolo believes this is a great opportunity to make a difference. “Agricultural policies of the past have inflicted appalling damage the Welsh landscape and wildlife,” he says. 

“We now have a once in a generation chance to devise a new system and put this right. That’s why I’m calling for everyone who cares about our wonderful Welsh wildlife to go online and sign this petition.”

The public have until 6th February to sign the petition.

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