If you see this plant, pull it up

by Webmaster, 25th June 2018

Conservation group urges you to help stop the spread of the invasive Himalayan balsam

It might look pretty, but the Himalayan balsam plant is ecologically damaging, which is why The South and West Wales Wildlife Trust are asking for your help.

They’re asking the public to help prevent the spread by pulling them up by the roots. They say this is easy to do (if you can reach them comfortably) and if you then leave them to rot on a heap, hung up in a tree, or in a builder’s sack, then you’ll be doing your bit to help control the plant.

The Himalayan balsam was first brought over to the UK in 1839. It can grow up to three metres tall and can fling its seeds a good distance, meaning the species can spread far and wide in a short space of time. 

It then out-competes many of our native species, quickly taking over.

To get involved and for more details about the plant, visit the Trust’s volunteering page. 


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