Go wild this June

by Webmaster, 8th June 2017

Enjoy a random act of wildness every day to feel closer to nature

Doing just one wild thing every day for a month can improve your happiness and how well you feel, according to an ongoing study.

And that's why The Wildlife Trusts are encouraging people to become more connected to the natural world around them this June and take part in 30 Days Wild. The idea is for everyone to partake in one random act of wildness every day for a month. This can be anything from looking at the clouds to meditating in a field or walking barefoot in a park, and need only take up a few moments of your day.

Research by the University of Derby showed that people felt happier, healthier and more connected to nature when taking part in the project.

Dr Miles Richardson, who leads the study, believes results from last year show the scheme has a positive impact on participants' lives: "Two months after taking part in 30 Days Wild, there was a 30 percent increase in the number of people who reported their health as excellent," he says.

"Last year’s results also show people’s happiness continued to improve after 30 Days Wild ended, which illustrates its sustained impact. Our study also shows that those who benefitted most were younger adults and those who weren’t already ‘nature lovers’.”

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