Rare footage of Shropshire pine martens

by webmaster, 14th August 2017

Video of this notoriously hard-to-spot mammal shows they’ve defied the odds

Photo above: Peter GW Jones

In a dense wood deep in the Shropshire countryside lives a small colony of cat-sized mammals previously extinct in the county.

When the pine marten was reintroduced to the secret location, somewhere near Clun, in 2015 experts believed they may not survive. But two years on, video footage shows they’re still here and thriving.

Capturing them on tape is an impressive feat particularly as these carnivorous beasts are so elusive.

Pine martens used to be common across the UK, but were obliterated in England due to predator control and tree felling, with just a few thousand remaining in Scotland and a scattering in parts of Wales.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is helping to protect the animals, while monitoring their progress and raising awareness about their plight.

Take a look at the video footage from BBC Radio Shropshire's Facebook page.

For more details about the project visit Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s website.

Read Dan Butler's feature in Welsh Border Life about the reintroduction of pine martens to Wales 


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