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by webmaster, 17th August 2017

Landscape paintings by Katie Allen

Born in London, Katie grew up in Swansea, where her parents hailed from. After years living elsewhere in the UK and abroad, she moved back in 2002. A former art teacher, in 2006 she took the plunge and became a full-time artist.

“I have to live by the sea. Living inland makes me feel claustrophobic. When I moved back to the UK from Botswana I made a resolution to always make my home on the coast – it gives me a sense of calm. I’ve lived in some fantastic places, but the Gower Peninsula has the most amazing beaches and beautiful scenery and there’s nowhere I feel a greater connection with. My work is somewhere between figurative and abstract; I paint recognisable landscapes but up close they’re made up of intricate patterns and are very detailed, influenced by time spent in India with its ornate architecture and embellished textiles. But my inspiration comes from the natural world and from the stunning coastal scenery around me. A love of nature was instilled in me from a very young age by my father, a field study warden. He’d take me around Gower and knew all about the rocks, plants and wildlife. It’s central to what I do and I feel happiest when I’m out in the  countryside.”

ABOVE: GORSE HEADLAND – “This was inspired by the Port Eynon area of Gower in spring, when the headland is awash with yellow from the gorse, on a beautiful day with the yellow contrasting with the blue of the sea.”


PENLLERGARE WOODS – “There’s some beautiful woodland in Swansea. It’s like a little oasis surrounded by urban sprawl. There are lovely walks there, a beautiful lake and in the middle of summer there are so many flowers, such as foxgloves, out in bloom. I go there often.”


SPRING CLIFFS, PORT EYNON “In the springtime, Port Eynon’s cliffsides are covered with wildflowers such as thrift – it’s like a giant rock garden. This painting was inspired by a walk I took there with my dog Pepsi, a rescue I re-homed 10 years ago when she was four.”


HEADLAND VIEW – “This painting is loosely based on Crawley Woods, looking towards Oxwich Head. It was the same time of year when I would’ve been walking round lots of parks, such as Clyne Gardens in Swansea where all the rhododendrons were out. I incorporated aspects of what I saw in the parks, such as flowers and trees, into this picture. It’s an amalgamation of a few different places.”


BLUEBELL WOODLAND – “This is based on Parkmill on Gower, but incorporates elements of Pellengare Woods where they also have swathes of bluebells. My paintings typically measure five foot by four foot. Each takes me about six weeks and I work every day. It’s not an exact science, though – some pieces just fl ow and others take ages to come together.”

Scroll down to see more examples of Katie's work:

To see more of Katie’s work, and to get in touch, visit: www.katieallen.co.uk


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