Help save Anglesey's red squirrels

by Webmaster, 20th December 2017

Spot the signs of a potentially devastating disease

Photo by Airwolfhound, Creative Commons

Those visiting or living on the island of Anglesey, in North Wales, are being urged to help prevent the spread of a serious disease affecting the adorable red squirrel.

There are around 800 of these native mammals on the island, thanks to extensive conservation efforts, but recently three were found dead on the Welsh mainland close to the island. All three were infected with squirrel pox and it's feared the disease might spread to Anglesey and potentially wipe out the population.

But you can help stop the spread by reporting any squirrel you suspect of having the disease to the Red Squirrels Trust Wales. Symptoms to look out for include sluggish behaviour, or scabs, blisters or grazes on the nose, mouth or eyes. The virus is normally spread by the non-native grey squirrel, which rarely dies from the disease.

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