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by Webmaster, 22nd January 2018

Landscape photography by Richard Childs, Bridgnorth, Shropshire                                                             

Originally from Nottingham, Richard trained as a professional musician before discovering a love for photography. He lives in Bridgnorth and has a gallery in nearby Ironbridge Gorge.


Above: Evening Light, Tryfan

“I was sitting up on a ridgetop at 9pm and it was just the most perfect light. You can never guarantee that’ll happen but with good planning it can work out well. There hadn’t been a lot of cloud, but when it came across it created a dome over the hill that framed it perfectly.”


Deep Freeze, Kirkjufuell

“This is a recent image from Iceland – I love going to cold places. I like inclement weather and the drama brought by what people call ‘bad weather’. My trip to Iceland had howling gales and snow tornadoes, which was really exciting. Kirkjufell is a well-known mountain – there’s a particular viewpoint from where everyone shoots and when I got there, people were climbing over each other to get the same shot. For me it’s always about finding an original viewpoint, and the solid sheet of ice in the foreground reflects that lovely pink light.”


Arches, Coalbrookdale

“I wanted to find an interesting angle to capture the arches. A great thing about large format photography is that you can focus along surfaces – something you can’t do with other camera systems – which meant I could focus down the edge of the arches. You can get really sharp images this way.”


Clearing Mist, Bridgnorth

“The whole valley had been in thick fog all morning and I’d gone up to the view point aiming to get a photo looking across a sea of mist with trees poking over the top. I went home for lunch, after which I noticed there was more light, and when I arrived the sky parted and it was just the most perfect view. It can take me up to 10 visits to a location to make an image that I’m happy with.“


Late Sun, Clee Hill

“I visit Clee Hill regularly – it’s a superb viewpoint. I wander around the top and keep lots of rock formations in mind for certain times of the year – locations and times when the light is likely to work. This view looks out towards Ludlow, and on that evening there was just the most gorgeous yellow-golden light.”


Lighting Up Time

“I’ve always been interested in architecture – it’s one of the reasons I thought Ironbridge would be a good place to set up the gallery. People tell me this picture has a Victorian feel to it, transporting them to a time when streets were gas-lit. It was taken at a point during twilight when the influence of the streetlights aren’t yet too overpowering.”


Power and Light, Ironbridge

“I like industrial heritage and this view reminded me of some of my favourite American photographers who would go to canyons and take pictures of woodland with the red sandstone behind. I thought this looks like that – a sky filled with red concrete with early spring trees hanging over the river creating a nice contrast.”


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To see more of Richard’s work visit: www.richardchildsphotography.co.uk


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