Rising from the sand?

by Webmaster, 18th December 2018

Second World War fighter plane could be removed from the sands of the North Wales coast

In 1942, an American fighter plane crash landed on a beach near the Gwynedd town of Harlech. There, the 'Maid of Harlech' lay submerged for years until the shifting sand revealed it again in 2007. Several years later it appeared once more and now experts are determining whether it can be removed from the site and put on display.

The aircraft is a Lockheed P-38 – one of only five of the early models still around in the world today and the only one in the UK. It's heavily protected – so much so that its exact location is a secret and you'd be in serious trouble if you tried to remove a piece of the plane.

It's remarkably well preserved, largely due to having been completely submerged for so many years. 

Cadw have funded a visit in January as part of plans to determine how feasible any plans to remove the aircraft might be.


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