Battle of Nantwich

by Webmaster, 19th December 2018

War comes to Nantwich in Cheshire with this spectacular annual re-enactment of a long-ago Civil War battle

Dedicated troops from The Sealed Knot re-enactment group will be leading the way during their annual living history commemoration of the Battle of Nantwich, on 26th January.

Decked out with period-accurate uniforms, weaponry and other assorted equipment, the troops will parade through the streets of Nantwich, from Malbank School to the centre of the Cheshire town.

After a wreath-laying ceremony they’ll head for the battleground, where there’s going to be a thrilling artillery demonstration.

Then it’s on to the main event – a fascinating re-enactment of the eponymous battle between the Royalists and Parliamentarians, which originally took place on 25th January 1644 at the height of the First English Civil War.

Meanwhile visitors can take part in all sorts of activities throughout the day, including heading out on a Civil War-themed tour, watching a musketry demonstration with members of The Sealed Knot, and listening to some traditional 17th century-style live music.

The original battle of almost 400 years ago saw a Parliamentarian force of over 8,000 men under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax breaking a Royalist siege of the town. Since that day, townsfolk have celebrated the day – dubbed Holly Holy Day for the holly sprigs worn by locals after the battle.

The Battle of Nantwich was fi rst commemorated in 1971 with a simple wreath-laying ceremony. This then morphed into a full-scale re-enactment of the battle itself a few years later, resulting in the spectacle that exists today.

• Battle of Nantwich, 26th January. For more information about everything that’s going on during the day, visit www.battleofnantwich.org


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