Championing Wales & the Borders

As the company behind, we at Border Publishing have been serving the region of Wales and the Border counties since the autumn of 2003.

Our magazines - Welsh Border Life and Welsh Coastal Life - provide thousands of readers, both local and UK-wide, with consumer-driven content designed to engage, inform and entertain.

Our writers include national-standard journalists, experts in their fields of study, and high-profile names such as Iolo Williams (Springwatch) and Jules Hudson (Escape To The Country, Countryfile).

We also produce a regular email newsletter delivered to a growing subscriber mailing list of many thousands, edited by our resident and much-loved columnist Black Sheep.

With an ever-growing audience comes a duty to deliver, and here our belief is simple. The best publications offer readers the best content. The best content attracts the best readership, which gives advertisers the best return. This is why we invest a far greater percentage of operating costs into the quality of our content than is the norm for regional publishing, providing a win-win for readers and advertisers alike.

This ethos extends to - a totally free and truly reader-friendly forum that enhances our magazine brands in a way readers might not expect of a regional publisher.

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