Lockdown Through A Lens: Susan Blagden

by Webmaster, 1st February 2021

Keep your photos coming. We start our Lockdown Through A Lens exhibition with a stunning image from Conwy

As a Christian minister and teacher of pastoral care in a theological college, Susan Blagden is committed to prayer and believes the disciplines that underpin it also underpin photography. She's certainly been disciplined.

"Following a 'significant' birthday I determined I would take a photo a day of something that brought me delight. And so my Daily Delight project was born," says Susan. "Eight years on I'm still continuing to practice daily the art of attention and choosing my focus. Sometimes I'm delighted by vast landscapes; sometimes I'm delighted by tiny things that we might rush by as we go through our lives.

"My photography is linked to my daily walk often in the Snowdonia National Park or by the beautiful North Wales coast. I'm committed to learning about our environment and so I'm a regular contributor to Cofnod - the Welsh recording site for special projects around swifts and curlews, but also more general but still important recording of birds (first and last sightings of migrants), butterflies (and some unique ones to this part of North Wales), reptiles, insects etc. There's so much in our natural world to delight in - the creatures themselves, the patterns, the colours, their life cycle.

"Then there's the North Wales landscape where the light is forever changing," Susan adds, with the above image of Conwy Suspension Bridge proving the point perfectly.

"It's a rather curious response to lockdown, as the National Trust would normally have this pedestrian bridge closed. However, we’ve been able to enjoy it open at night due to a one-way Covid-safe system for pedestrians over the Conwy estuary. So rather than being locked down, the National Trust have locked it open!"

Susan is a great exponent of looking for the positives.

"Sometimes I'll use my images to write a brief reflection and draw on a quote from one of the Christian mystics, that others may find useful," she explains. "During lockdown this daily practice has been especially important to get out and to notice, and to engage with something positive in the outside world. I thoroughly recommend it!"

Image: Conwy Suspension Bridge not locked down in lockdown

By Susan Blagden @cameraprayer


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