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Head to Cardigan this summer to view an inspiring exhibition on the climate crisis

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Head to Cardigan this summer to view an inspiring exhibition on the climate crisis

Art is a fantastic vehicle to send important messages to the wider world and one intrepid art gallery are doing just this to help combat climate change. 

The Seagull, in Cardigan, are inviting local and national, artists, including potters, poets, sculptors and also school children to express their views on the crisis.

"The Seagull was once an unloved little shop, but we bought it just over a year ago,” explains Louise Weldon. “It needed renovating and we painted the outside an optimistic golden yellow to echo the legs of our cheeky Seagull motif. It will be a place for creative pursuits and is available to hire as well as an Art Gallery from Wednesday to Saturday.”

The impact of climate change on the planet is a cause that is close to Louise’s heart and she is keen to make a difference by inspiring others to make their points heard. 

“We at The Seagull are very aware, saddened, and confused by climate change and what lies ahead for us all on this beautiful planet Earth. We live in paradise here in West Wales, but what will the next decade or two bring us?”

The Seagull put out an open call to artists from all mediums to create a piece of work under the title 'Changing Times' (an artist's response to the Climate Crisis) and had a huge response.

The exhibition will run for the month of August. For more information visit:

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