Stuart J. Wild

As freedom beckons, it's time to reflect

by Webmaster, 3rd March 2021

As freedom beckons, it's time to reflect

With spring in the air and the end of lockdown nearing on both sides of the Border, there's much to look forward to in 2021.

Equally, there's no getting away from the anguish of the past year, with many loved ones left behind in the pandemic's cruel wake.

Grief affects us all at some stage in our lives, and in many different ways. But one thing that can't be taken from us is our memories. And reader Stuart J Wild's touching observation on a momentary reflection can offer much comfort for all those who have lost precious friends and family...


It's just a picture, an image of a smile
Found in a drawer forgotten all the while.
In between the blouses neatly folded in their place
An unexpected vision of a not forgotten face.
He stopped and looked quite closely through the tears that filled his eyes
A cliché it may well be but true love never dies.
It brought her closer to him, it took him back so far
Milky coffee, salmon sandwiches, a picnic in the car.
Sunny when they set it soon began to rain
Shall we go back he'd asked her, it just wont be the same.
So on they’d gone regardless through pouring rain and hail.
And yet despite the weather her smile just didn’t fail.
He’d clicked the camera quickly as she held tomato and salt
“Now I‘ve spilt it,” she told him “and it was all your fault.”
But still the smile remained, the memory of a happy day
Which through the pain of missing her took his despair away.

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