Dr Steve Langhorn

by Webmaster, 28th March 2021

A self-published poet raising money for Mind

It's safe to say pretty much all of us, at some stage, have struggled mentally with the effects of the pandemic. Be it grief, anxiety, anger or depression, mental illness in one form or another is all around us right now.

As we've seen on these pages during the past few months, many have resorted to creativity as a route out of the darkness, but reader Dr Steve Langhorn - director of his own sales consultancy - went one step further last year. He self-published his first book of poetry, with all proceeds going to mental-health charity Mind (

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Rhymes is a reflection of Steve's experiences of 2020, focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on all of us. Below is a couple of the poems he sent in to us, which share an interesting nod to past societal commentators from the world of rock and pop.



Whitewashed windows no display,

Nothing to buy so nothing to pay.

Cheap discount shops are all that remain,

Going out shopping will never be the same.

Just a few drunks sat on a bench,

Smoke in the air and a boozy stench.

Finding somewhere open is such task,

And even then you will need your mask.

Save the work and save some time,

Everything's available on Amazon Prime.

The Specials' lyrics had it nailed down,

This town, is coming like a ghost town.


Which way we look, only we can choose,

Strive to win or roll over and lose.

Which is the voice you will hear,

One of hope, or one of fear?

Plan the day, set your goal,

Forget the things you can’t control.

Re-boot the mind, to a positive attitude,

That treasures things and shows gratitude.

Things won’t change anytime soon,

If you keep looking at the dark side of the moon.



Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Rhymes is available on Amazon, with all proceeds going to Mind. To purchase the book for Kindle or in print, click here
Have you got a poem you'd like to share with readers on our Creative Corner pages? Send it to and include a bit of background about yourself, what inspires you, etc.

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