Love The Words

by Webmaster, 3rd May 2021

Share your haikus to celebrate Dylan Thomas Day

With International Dylan Thomas Day approaching, we're interrupting our usual showcase of your poetry to urge you to take part in something special.

Love The Words is an annual poetry event which forms part of Dylan Thomas Day, the 14th May. But there's a subtle difference this year.

Rather than a competition, the 2021 event is set to be a global poetry share, with everyone throughout the world invited to come together at what is a painful time for many around the globe, and to reach out with words.

The move represents the hope of creative director, Dylan's grand-daughter, Hannah Ellis, who sees the sharing of words, thoughts and ideas from writers of all ages and nationalities as a means of offering "...a glimpse into our seperate, but still connected worlds".

Specifically, this year's event is all about haiku - the three-line poetry form with traditional rules which may or may not be broken in this instance.

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