Polly Spencer

by Webmaster, 2nd June 2021

Blue most certainly IS the colour this summer

Our Poet of the Month for June may or may not have had a premonition about what would be appearing in the gardening pages of the Summer 2021 edition of Welsh Border Life (Blue Is The Colour - page 84 - download magazine for free here).

Either way, Polly Spencer’s poem Garden Blues certainly echos our gardening writer June Cynthia’s love of all things blue (to say nothing of her Chelsea supporter son who’s probably still sobering up after his team’s recent Champions League triumph!). So what better time to showcase Polly’s work.

Before we do, however, a quick bit of news for aspiring poets. The 2021 Ledbury Poetry Festival gets under way in Herefordshire on 2nd July, featuring its renowned poetry competition.

First prize is a cool £1,000. But more importantly, the competition has been an important first step in many poets’ careers, not least 2016 T.S. Eliot Award winner Jacob Polley, who started his career with a win at Ledbury in 2001.

“Winning (Ledbury) pushed me forward, towards more poems, my first book and beyond,” Jacob insists.

The Festival prides itself on a lasting relationship with its competition entrants and winners: many of whom are asked back for performances, residencies and workshops. It’s open to all entries of original, previously unpublished work across categories for Adults, Young People (12 -17 years) and Children (11 and under).

For more information about the festival and to enter the competition, visit




With a love of country walking, Polly - who lives on the Wirral - keeps a special ear and eye open for bird life. But it's not just bird song that moves her. "I'm passionate about music and play flute in the Wirral Symphony Orchestra," she reveals. As for her poetic inspiration, "I can only say that it visits me from time to time and makes me write it!"



Listen to the beauty of the shore.
Close your eyes and you can hear the distant ocean’s roar
Way out beyond the estuary land,
And close at hand
The crackle-crunch of footsteps on the shell-encrusted sand.
That pure, plaintive piping is the oyster-catcher’s call.
The curlew’s song, a lonely ululating rise and fall
Plucks at the heart-strings - soul-music for us all.



Muscari’s intense indigo slowly begins to fade,
But speedwell scatters sapphire jewels across the orchard glade
And bluebells crowd beneath the oak - blue thoughts in a green shade.

Among the tree-roots violets peep, pretending to be shy,
Whilst rioting forget-me-nots with pin-point yellow eye
Reflect a thousandfold the azure bowl of sunlit sky.

So who can tell me why,

When we are sad, we say we’re feeling blue,
Though hearts are lifted and the whole world sings
To this celestial hue?


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