One reader’s fortune looked to have been dashed by the pandemic. But rhyme and reason came good in the end

by Webmaster, 20th October 2021

One reader’s fortune looked to have been dashed by the pandemic. But rhyme and reason came good in the end

It was a couple of years ago now that Cheshire reader Roswynne Ann Jones entered a competition in Welsh Border Life to win dinner, bed and breakfast at the wonderful south Shropshire restaurant with rooms, The Lion at Leintwardine.

Her luck was in and she arranged to take up her prize in 2020. Except, we all know what happened next.

“Due to COVID 19 we had to cancel our booking,” explains Roswynne. But her luck hadn’t totally deserted her. “The Lion were very understanding and allowed us to re-book when we felt able,” she adds. And this September Roswynne finally got to enjoy Leintwardine and the establishment recently named Best Pub in Shropshire at the National Pub and Bar Awards.

"The food was absolutely delicious and every member of staff was welcoming and professional," she reveals. "The Lion is right on the banks of the River Teme and has beautiful views of the river bridge and surrounding fields."

In fact, Roswynne enjoyed her stay so much she penned the following, to more than deserve the title of Poet of the Month...





Slow rippling river, calm grazing sheep,

Views from 'The Lion', the 'Leint' asleep,

Excited children swim, whilst the grayling dart,

As the 'wardine' nestles in its surrounding rampart.


Large Roman settlement long ago,

With baths, cavalry forts, ancient quern stones.

Griffiths' Butchers built on Roman remains,

Sixties Misericord bears his name.


Home to God's creatures both great and small,

The grassy green churchyard welcomes all.

An open church door for swallows to nest,

St Mary Magdalene's graveyard put to rest.


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