David Kenyon

The Fox

by webmaster, 1st July 2023

The Fox

A former poetry contributor to, David Kenyon from Chester caught our attention with his pandemic-based 'Daily Dittys'. But with all that now firmly behind us, we've chosen something a little more relaxing from his impressive back catalogue of thoughtful compositions.

Mid-summer is always a favourite time of year for wildlife lovers, and there can be few among that number who haven't got a fox story to recount. If that's you, you'll find David's poem rather evocative...


David Kenyon

I lookout on the moonlit field,
And there she is again.
Sitting in her usual place,
Unaware of my admiring gaze.

The moonlight glints and dances 
Off her slick copper coat.
Her senses are all on high alert
But with such a majesty,
That she alone invokes.

She stalks her own territory
With that ‘felineesque’ grace.
And is always ready to pounce,
When her prey shows its face.

No intruder dares encroach,
Whilst she is on the move.
Always patiently observing
And certainly,
Never anybody’s fool.

If sensing any danger
She’ll be off in a flash.
Never one to hang around
But then, not afraid to attack.

Cunning is a word they use.
To describe this elegant beast
But there is also intelligence
For that successful hunt 
…...and never to accept defeat.

She came again at the same time tonight
I’m sure she knows I’m there.
And she doesn’t disappear at all.
Just allows me to sit and stare.

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