The Quiet Space Between Us

In a post-pandemic world, the fight for survival is on

by webmaster, 26th June 2023

In a post-pandemic world, the fight for survival is on

Much like Gloria Gaynor’s celebrated survivor, Ida was afraid - petrified even - and couldn’t help wondering how she’d live without Cal by her side. Not that he wasn’t welcome anymore.

You see, Cal is one of life’s heroes. A key worker in a world torn apart by illness, who’s fighting for a semblance of civilisation while managing to keep Ida safe from it all, tucked away in a remote location.

Post-apocalyptic stories are all the rage right now, thanks to you know what, which has left a lasting impression on many an author. But it’s been stoked further of late by gory US TV drama The Last Of Us, which has had critics in raptures.

Before you reach for the remote, however, if you prefer your end-of-the-world stories to be zombie-free, with a generous slice of enchanting Welsh countryside thrown in to help take your mind off the horror of it all, then N A Cooper’s The Quiet Space Between Us might be more to your liking.

Outdoorsy Cooper grew up building dens in woods, which goes a long way to explaining Ida’s bolt-hole existence while her amour tries to save the world. But it was on a visit to Wales last year that Cooper was inspired to set this, her third novel, round these parts.

A slow burner - much like The Last Of Us, in fact - The Quiet Space Between Us eventually draws you in with a warm front of intrigue that’ll keep you more than a little interested. And you’ll be glad you stayed the course, as the twists of hairpin-bend proportions act as rich reward.

The Quiet Space Between Us is published by Bloodhound Books and available to purchase online at Amazon

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