Food Hero: Oliver Booth

by Webmaster, 24th February 2020

We chat to Oliver Booth, owner of Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Company, on celebrating 10 years of amazing pastry-based creations

What do you do, and how did it all come about?
We’re a small pasty and pie company based in Tenby. I came across a recipe for a Pembrokeshire pasty in an ancient Welsh recipe book. On further investigation, I realised that no one was making this authentic Welsh delicacy, which was surprising, and this inspired me to set up the company. The recipe is Welsh lamb, rosemary and currants wrapped in puff pastry – it’s sweeter and lighter than a Cornish pasty and our customers love them. We opened the door to our Tenby shop on St David’s Day in 2010 and we’re now in our 10th year. It’s been an amazing journey.

Why’s Tenby ideal for your business?
Thousands of holidaymakers flock here every year wanting to experience the best that Pembrokeshire has to offer, and that includes its unique food offerings. Our shop is in the middle of the town and our products offer just that.

What do you most love about your baked goodies?
All of our pasties and pies are handmade and full of delicious fillings. There are lots of eating options on all high streets these days, but fi nding handmade products with quality ingredients isn’t so easy. It’s a great pleasure to be able to see and hear how much our customers love them. Ours is very much a ‘feel good’ business.

What’s unique about your pasties and pies?
We were actually able to trademark our Pembrokeshire Pasty brand some years ago and we’re the only ones who sell this product. It’s a true Welsh delicacy that everyone should try at least once.

Is there a particular food or drink you like to team them with?
We have craft beers for sale in the shop. I personally feel that a pasty and a pint is hard to beat!

Describe your typical customer.
It would be someone visiting Pembrokeshire who’s heading out for a day on the beach. Rather than a supermarket sandwich, they want to eat something local and delicious. These are the customers we see every day.

What’s your proudest achievement?
We were lucky enough to have Prince Charles visit the shop when we fi rst opened. He took some pasties away with him and then wrote us a charming letter to tell us how much he liked them. That was a very proud moment!

What’s been the biggest challenge?
We have to be able to relate to our customers that our products are not mass-produced in large far-off factories, therefore they’re more expensive than they might be in major chains. We’re now at our 10-year anniversary so I’m confi dent that we’re succeeding with this.

What are your future plans?
I’d like to see organic growth of the business and to keep enjoying what we do every day.

• Pembrokeshire Pasty & Pie Co, 1 St Georges Street, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 7JB. Tel: 01834 845587. www.parcelsofmagic.com


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