Two tantalising trout dishes

by Webmaster, 13th September 2019

A great alternative to salmon, seasonal trout is just as versatile, good for your health and equally delicious – a fantastic fish of the day

Grilled trout with horseradish remoulade and buttery potatoes

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins



• 2 trout fillets, skin on 

• 500g potatoes, peeled and chopped into bite-size chunks 

• 1 small celeriac, peeled and coarsely grated 

• Sea salt 

• Black pepper

• 1 lemon 

• 1 garlic clove, peeled and grated 

• 150g organic yoghurt

• A thumb of horseradish, finely grated 

• A handful of flat leaf parsley, finely chopped

• 300g sprout tops, trimmed

• 45g organic butter 

• 2 tbsp olive oil 

• 2 tbsp cold water



1. Boil the potatoes for 15-20 mins until tender.

2. Make the remoulade by combining the celeriac, juice from half the lemon, garlic, yoghurt, salt and pepper and horseradish to taste. Set aside.

3. Set grill to high. Line a baking tray with foil and arrange the trout fillets on it, skin-side up. Rub 1 tbsp oil into the fish along with a pinch of salt and pepper. Set aside.

4. Fry the sprout tops for 1-2 mins in a little oil, stirring now and then. Add 2 tbsp cold water and allow to steam for a further 2 mins, till just tender.

5. Meanwhile slide the trout under the grill. Cook for 3-4 mins, till the fish is just cooked through and the skin is crispy.

6. Drain your potatoes, allow to steam dry for a min, then add the butter, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir well to coat all of the potatoes.

7. Spoon the potatoes, sprout tops and celeriac remoulade onto each plate and top with a trout fillet. Serve with wedges of the leftover lemon half and an extra grating of horseradish on top.


Spanish-crusted trout with lemon and date cauli couscous

Serves: 2-4

Preparation and cooking time: 35 mins



• 2 whole trout 

• 2 tbsp cumin seeds 

• 2 tsp paprika

• Sea salt and black pepper 

• 2 lemons 

• A few glosses of olive oil 

• 1 head of cauliflower, leaves removed 

• 2 garlic cloves, peeled 

• ½ tsp ground cinnamon or mixed spice

• A handful of dates, finely chopped 

• A handful of almonds 

• A handful fresh coriander, mint and/or parsley



1. Preheat your grill to high or the oven to 220°C/gas 8.

2. Rinse your trout. Pat dry. Set on a cutting board. Make 1cm deep slashes into the skin, 4cm apart, on both sides of each fish.

3. Mix 1 tbsp cumin seeds with 1 tsp paprika and salt and pepper. Rub all over both fi sh, getting it right into the slashes.

4. Cut a few slices from one of your lemons and tuck into the slashes on each fi sh. Place on a baking tray or grill pan and drizzle with a little oil. Grill or roast on the top shelf for 7-10 mins on each side, or till the skin is golden and crisp.

5. Quarter your cauliflower, place in a food processor with the garlic cloves and blitz till it resembles couscous. No food processor? Coarsely grate it to achieve the same effect.

6. Toast your almonds in a hot frying pan, remove and set to one side.

7. Return pan to the heat, add a gloss of oil and scatter 1 tbsp cumin seeds then garlicky cauliflower couscous. Lower heat. Fold in the paprika, cinnamon or mixed spice and chopped dates. Season well and add a good squeeze of lemon juice and zest from one lemon.

9. Take the couscous off the heat as soon as it’s just softened. Taste. Add more lemon juice, if needed.

10. Fold in most of the almonds. Roughly chop your herbs and add most of them. Pile the couscous on a large platter or plates. Finish with remaining almonds and herbs. Top with the fi sh. Serve with the remaining lemon on the side.

Recipes and imagery courtesy of Abel & Cole. www.abelandcole.co.uk


Down the hatch…

Tanners’ Tiffany Vernon finds four fantastic whites to complement this month’s trout dishes

For the Spanish-crusted Trout, I’ve selected two full-bodied and flavoursome white wines. 

The first is an old favourite of mine: Fiano di Avellino Terredora di Paolo (£18.20). It has vibrant green apples complemented by gun flint smokiness, with a hint of blossom, followed by lashings of sweet spice, rich nuttiness and a drizzle of honey. This voluptuous Italian white works particularly well with the dish’s couscous element.

My second wine match hails from Spain and so goes hand in hand with this Spanish-themed recipe; the delicious Paso-Primero Blanco, Somontano (£8.90) is an unusual blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer (certainly not your average Spanish white!) that oozes opulent aromas of rose petals, melon, peach and grapefruit before you taste an explosive citrus medley including grapefruit, lemon and a dash of lime. It’s rounded by a lovely peachiness and minerality, all entwined with honey and a sprinkling of white pepper. The Paso-Primero range has been carefully crafted by Tom and Emma Holt who first met working at Tanners Wines. They soon fell madly in love and set off to travel the world together before later becoming wine makers themselves! Now their wines have ended up where their story began – on Tanners’ shelves!

For the Grilled Trout and Horseradish Remoulade there’s no better match than a Chardonnay – even better if it has a bit of oak! My top pick Chardonnay for this meal is truly indulgent: Château-Fuiseé Tête du Cru, Pouilly Fuiseé (£27.50) exudes a sweet apple character muddled together with more exotic mango and pineapple. A lovely freshness lingers throughout, with a mineral streak, almond crunch and a rounded buttery character to make this elegant Burgundian wine sing!

If, however, you really can’t abide an oaked Chardonnay, try Escarpment Pinot Gris, Martinborough (£13.80) which is rich yet succulent, encompassing tropical fruits complemented by peach and pear flavours. Despite no oak being used here, winemaker Larry McKenna has used techniques to give an impression of oak in terms of texture without the flavours.

Tanners Wines, 102/103 Tremarl Industrial Estate, Ffordd Maelgwyn, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, North Wales LL31 9PN. Tel: 01492 874099. tanners-wines.co.uk 


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