Cold calling

by Andy Cawthray, 6th January 2017

January - either cold and wet, or just plain icy. But it does the garden no harm at all. In fact it's potentially doing quite a lot of good. The best cleanser you can ask for is seven days of below freezing temperatures


Andy Cawthray is a writer, gardener and poultry breeder based on the Welsh Borders. Extracts from his monthly column in Welsh Border Life appear here on walesandborders.com

Ask Andy

Q: I know it seems like a silly question but I have a lot of perennial weeds in my garden. So, do I still need to be weeding at this time of year?
A: It’s not a silly question, particularly as there can be some mild days in the heart of winter. Some weeds will take the opportunity to increase their foothold in the border during those sorts of spells. If you can get on the ground without damaging it, then keep digging out the perennial weeds. Things like dock and dandelion can often be easier to dig out
when the ground is moist to a depth

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Top Tip

Check over climbers, making sure any loose stems are tied up to protect against high winds. Also, check existing ties are intact and not rotten.    

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