Your garden – June 2019

by Webmaster, 21st May 2019

It’s a busy month in the garden, but don’t forget to take time out to enjoy your hard work

June can be overwhelming in terms of the amount of work the gardener can do – and therein lies the key: knowing when to stop. I get so carried away with working in the garden at this time of year, I forget to stop and enjoy it. So this month, the number one job is to sit and appreciate the garden, eating outdoors when you can.

When it comes to the gardening tasks, a must-do is to check plants daily and water them if the soil is dry. This is especially important for newly planted trees and shrubs that are still getting established. 

Harden off any remaining half-hardy bedding plants ready for planting out and, most of all, keep on top of weeds so plants don’t have to compete for precious water, light and nutrients.


Tip of the month

Freeze the flowers from your borage plants in ice cubes for an interesting addition to a G&T or a glass of Pimm’s


Ask Andy

Q: I have a magnolia in my garden that flowers beautifully but it’s getting a little large. Is it possible to prune it?

A: On the whole, magnolias need little pruning, but when they do become overgrown, late spring, early summer is a good time to prune them. Any earlier or later can result in the plant ‘bleeding’and will introduce disease to the plant. Select only a few of the larger stems for pruning – be they ones creating height or width – and remove them with clean, sharp shears, but try to maintain the graceful shape of the plant. Also, don’t remove too many of the older branches, as magnolias can be slow to heal. If the desired shape cannot be achieved in one pruning session, spread it over two seasons, so as not to lose the tree completely.

Got a gardening conundrum? Ask Andy by emailing andy@borderpublishing.com


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