Your Country Garden this July

by Andy Cawthray, 18th June 2019

Get the most from your green space this summertime

A month of long, warm days and mild evenings, ideal for sitting out and enjoying the garden, is what July conjures for me. It’s perfect pottering weather, be that after work or early morning, and if there’s one thing you must do this month, it’s potter!

That said, there’s still work to be done, particularly as our summers can throw up the odd surprise on the weather front.

With this in mind, make sure tall plants and climbers are well supported in case of bad weather, and water thoroughly around dusk in particularly hot conditions.

Keep deadheading perennial plants to encourage new blooms for as long as possible, and cut back faded perennials to keep borders tidy. With plants like penstemon, cutting them back to just above a bud and, in the same vein, cutting back growth in hanging baskets, can encourage new flowers and revive your displays.


Tip of the Month

If you think growing peas means hours of fiddly shelling, grow a mange tout variety such as sugar snap – then the whole pods can be harvested and eaten either raw or cooked


Ask Andy

Q: How do I stop my lettuces from running to seed?

A: Running to seed (or ‘bolting’ as it’s also known) tends to occur when the lettuce plants are under stress. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out in hot weather if the site is exposed, or alternatively, sow them in the shade of a larger crop such as sweetcorn or climbing beans.

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