Your country garden this September

by Webmaster, 21st August 2019

Enjoy the last days of summer…

September sees me splitting my time between harvesting the fruits of my gardening labours and enjoying the last warm days before autumn proper arrives. 

There are, however, still plenty of other things to do and one of the key ones for me is netting the pond ahead of the autumn leaf fall. This not only reduces the amount of debris entering the pond, but also means I can catch the leaves and add them to my leaf mould bin. 

Now’s also the time to divide up oversized herbaceous perennials. This keeps them healthy and in balance within the border, plus I get some free plants to use elsewhere.

Another must-do is cleaning out the greenhouse in readiness for autumn seed sowing and plant overwintering. Doing this also gives me space to start planting pots of spring-flowering bulbs – and now’s the perfect time to do this.


Tip of the Month

September’s the month to plant your spring bulbs, either directly into the earth or into pots, for great colour next year


Ask Andy

Q: I’d like an evergreen climber for my garden. I already have ivy, what else would you recommend?

A: Evergreen climbers are great for the winter garden, providing a much needed hint of colour. Clematis armandii is a great option, with sweet-smelling white flowers in the spring (and sometimes again in August) and large, leathery leaves throughout the winter.

Alternatively Clematis urophylla (‘Winter beauty’) has lush foliage and bears delicate, waxy, bell-shaped flowers in the depths of winter.

If clematis are not your thing, you could also look at Sollya heterophylla (‘Bluebell creeper’). It’s a good one for pots, too.


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