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Relax and enjoy your garden this month, while taking a bit of time to prepare for autumn

by June Cynthia, 4th August 2021

Relax and enjoy your garden this month, while taking a bit of time to prepare for autumn

Well, I did promise you a slower pace of gardening life this month didn’t I? So I’m hoping you are all giving yourselves a pat on the back while having a cool drink in the garden as a reward for all your efforts since those busy days of early spring. But, I haven’t forgotten you purists who like to garden all through August. 

With temperatures usually averaging around 27C this month, humid nights and often heavy downpours with thunderstorms after a hot spell, be prepared to find the opposite. With climate change as it is, we can really be caught on the hop with changing wind directions and chilly nights feeling more like September. Perhaps then we ought to start thinking ahead and prepare for Autumn in August. Well, I’m going to really enjoy this bit as I love telling people what they should be doing while I sit and relax with a drink or two.

I suggest you start cleaning out your greenhouses (pictured above), as well as checking over, oiling and cleaning most of your garden tools. Pre-book your mower in for a winter service before they get booked up. Check your fences and posts to make sure they are still in your garden next year and there is staking to do to support your plants from the inevitable strong winds 

Don’t forget to think of the wildlife either, by making a home or two for hedgehogs and replace tired and worn bird boxes. Give the pond a little makeover or turn the compost ready for the mulching season. Oh, and don’t forget to renew those leaky wellies that you’ve been promising yourself to do.

After all that, perhaps you might have time to sit and ponder over all those veggies, seeds and plants in the dozens of gardening catalogues that pop through the letter box in late summer.

Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be back again in September to remind you that it’s still only September, whatever the weather, but there’s work to be done. Have fun and try to relax a little if you can during August.

Happy gardening!

June Cynthia is a Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist and award-winning florist and gardening expert

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