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Take advantage of the longer days and get your hands dirty in the garden this February, advises June Cynthia

by June Cynthia, 31st January 2022

Take advantage of the longer days and get your hands dirty in the garden this February, advises June Cynthia

I hope you have been enjoying some of the cold but sunny days lately. It’s been a joy to go into the garden and to take stock of all the green shoots popping up here and there, together with the early snowdrops and eranthis. 

The days are getting a little longer now so we should be able to get on with a few jobs outside and you’ll be ready for the off on another calendar year of wonderful gardening.

Jobs to do:

Start to think about which of your roses will need to be pruned. You will get the very best performance from your roses if this I’d done now. You’ll encourage new growth and later on you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful blooms.

Inspect your stored Dalia tubers. Trim any dead or damaged tubers and roots and pack them away again until it’s time to start them into growth. March is a good time to pot them up into pots. This will start your flowers blooming much earlier. 

Order snowdrops and bluebells and other bulbs in the green and plant as soon as possible. This method almost guarantees a successful showing for next year.

Continue to chit your potatoes in readiness for planting out later.

Inspect your Helebores and cut away any dead material to avoid rust from spreading to the flowers.

Don’t forget to carefully make a breathing hole in your pond to prevent a build up of harmful gases which will cause problems with your fish.

Feed the birds whenever you can to give them a chance of surviving the worst of the winter. A high energy diet of suet pellets and fat balls along with berries and sunflower seeds in general is best. Check each morning when you feed them that they have a good supply of clean unfrozen water. Hygiene with feeders and water bowls is also paramount.

If you are lucky enough to have a hedgehog or two in your garden, give them a little extra covering of straw or the like. We don’t want them to wake up too early.

There is still time to sow your sweet peas and a plethora of other seeds which need sowing at this time of year. Don’t miss out!

Keep busy but enjoy the dawning of spring with all its dainty catkins and winter blossoms. It’s a magical season I’m sure you will agree.

Have fun!

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