Jubilant July

If we tend to our gardens in July, we will be rewarded with a riot of colour, says June Cynthia

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If we tend to our gardens in July, we will be rewarded with a riot of colour, says June Cynthia

What turbulent weather we are having lately, there's never one week the same which makes it hard to know what to do in the garden when it's blowing a gale or pouring with rain! So here are a few pointers.

One job which needs your attention is the constant deadheading and feeding of roses. The more you look after your plants, the more they will contInue to reward you by repeat flowering. So give yourself just 20 minutes or so each day to look around to see which plants need attention, then you'll have colour in your borders well into autumn.

July is a good time to sow wallflower seeds into a nursery bed. They should then be moved to their final flowering position in the autumn. They will over winter in your borders quite happily and give a beautiful show along with your other spring plants.

Tulips make perfect bed partners for wallflowers as they usually flower at the same time. Order your tulip bulbs now and plant amongst your wallflowers for a riot of colour in the Spring. Caution; Make sure your tulip bulbs are fresh and that they are not sitting on display in bright sunlight. I found this out to my cost many years ago when I purchased my tulips cheaply and rather late in the season. They were displayed under a glass roof and in full sunshine. This was the only time 
my tulips were a failure the following spring. It was very disappointing. The old adage that if you buy cheap, you buy twice is certainly true, so make sure you buy early and choose a good supplier, many of whom guarantee their bulbs and will replace if necessary, along with shrubs (always keep your receipts).

Other jobs for July:

Order your spring catalogues in time for autumn.

Remember to water, water and water if the weather is very hot.

Container plants and hanging baskets need watering twice as much as those plants already planted in your beds.

Give your fruit trees a gentle prune this month. Cut out any suckers or non fruiting long stems and check for diseases and treat accordingly.

Give your wisteria a second gentle pruning in July/August to keep the plant under control. A twice yearly pruning is essential if you want it to keep flowering each year. Cut back to approx six inches or 15 cm this month. Your next pruning time is Jan/Feb 2023.

July is a good month to sow parsley seeds as the soil should be warm enough for germination.

If you are growing tomatoes, cucumbers or ourgettes, then it's time to feed them and to give them copious amounts of water for best results.

For the continuation of salad plants I.e. cut and come again leaves, then sow at intervals of 10 days. July is still time enough to take you through to late autumn.

Have fun and enjoy your gardening!

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