Winter wonderland

It may be chillier, but the winter can be an enjoyable time for gardeners to get out and experience nature without quite so many jobs to do

by June Cynthia

It may be chillier, but the winter can be an enjoyable time for gardeners to get out and experience nature without quite so many jobs to do

Although our seasons are becoming more and more changeable these days, it makes me appreciate them all the more, and none more so than winter. A winter’s walk with a walking club or family after a hearty Sunday or Christmas lunch is a time to be enjoyed by all. The exhilarating, bracing winds brings a healthy glow to your complexion and clean fresh air to our lungs. In fact exercise makes it feel good to be alive. So, on with your warm winter walking gear, go and enjoy what our fabulous surrounding winter flora and fauna has to to charm us en-route. 

That said, we must not forget our wonderful army of gardeners, bless their welly boots.  They may not have time for bracing walks, but they are by no means strangers to exercise or the chill winds of winter. This ‘is’ their exercise, be it in their own gardens or on their allotments. The tremendous dedication and energy it takes to make our gardens look not only beautiful all year round, but also to produce fabulous healthy vegetables and fruit for their families. Oh, how we all appreciate that winter or summer!

Thankfully, our gardeners experience the same feelings of exhilaration and wellbeing that walking gives. In fact, it is another one of the healthiest forms of exercise there is. So, whichever you choose to do, remember that both of these activities mentioned are equally well known forms of mindfulness, and this therapy is much valued and recommended by our GP’s to help with one’s mental and physical health. So let’s get out there, however cold, to enjoy and embrace what the beautiful winter months have to offer, it really can be very uplifting. Happy Life and Happy Winter!

Winter jobs in the garden:

1 Clear all remaining autumn leaves in and around your drains, gutters, plants and vegetables. This helps to prevent blockages and disease from spreading.

2 Check all plant supports and fencing before the winter gales appear. Repair ASAP.

3 Make sure you continue to feed and provide clean water and shelter for our wildlife.

4 Plant or sow your winter vegetables and seeds. Buy and plant bare root roses, winter pansies, violas, hellebores and hardy herbs to name but a few. Do not however plant in frosted ground. Best wait until frosts subside, or grow in pots under glass in a greenhouse or cold frame.

Stock up on garden fleece before it all disappears from the garden centres. You might need it to give extra protection to vulnerable plants in garden or greenhouse. 


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