Estuary walks

by Webmaster, 22nd January 2019

Pick a clear, still winter’s day and enjoy the fine blend of sand and sea from the hills that surround these ever-changing waterways

Our walks this month take you to three of the most beautiful estuaries along the Welsh coast.

ROUTE 1 – Venture across the Mawddach Estuary, Gwynedd, on one of Britain’s iconic viaducts

ROUTE 2 – Splendid views and a relaxing stroll along the softest of sand in southern Gwynedd

ROUTE 3 – A long walk in Carmarthenshire featuring far-reaching views and great wildlife

Route inaccessible? If you find that any of the routes featured on walesandborders.com has become inaccessible in any way, do let us know so we can alert the necessary authorities on your behalf. You can email the Web Editor at webeditor@borderpublishing.com

For the full feature on estuary walks, see the February 2019 issue of Welsh Coastal Life. For back issues, click here.


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