The Llyn Peninsula’s North Coast

by Webmaster, 16th April 2019

While masses flock to the Llyn Peninsula’s southern coast, the wilder and quieter north shore awaits with rugged cliffs, sizeable hills… and beachside pubs!

During this month’s Bank Holiday weekends, visitors are sure to flock to the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales to soak up the sand, the beauty and (hopefully) a little sunshine.

But most will make a bee-line for the region’s south coast, aiming for the popular beachside settlements of Abersoch, Criccieth and Llanbedrog, attracted by the broad bays, the cafes, the bars… not to mention the liberal quantities of ice cream on offer.

While all this is happening, the north coast remains relatively untouched. Despite it being as little as six miles away in places, it’s a very different animal to the more populous side of this narrow, crooked arm stretching into the Irish Sea.

For a start, it’s more remote, with fewer settlements – those that do exist are often little more than hamlets. The coastline’s wilder and craggier with rocky cliffs and small bays, and there are even some sizeable hills close by, which are ideal for enjoying a bird’s eye view of the region as a whole.

ROUTE 1 – Explore an iron age fort and the Llyn’s highest point

ROUTE 2 – Head to a pub only accessible by foot

ROUTE 3 – A fine beach and far-reaching views close to the tip of the peninsula

Route inaccessible? If you find that any of the routes featured on walesandborders.com has become inaccessible in any way, do let us know so we can alert the necessary authorities on your behalf. You can email the Web Editor at webeditor@borderpublishing.com

For the full feature on castle walks, see the April 2019 issue of Welsh Border Life. For back issues, click here.


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