Two-day Easter excursions

by Webmaster, 16th March 2020

With numerous public holidays just around the corner, you might find yourself with a bit more time on your hands for a weekend of coastal wanders

With Easter fast approaching, we’re heading towards bank holiday season (the one that isn’t around Christmas, anyway), which means many of us have a bit more spare time on our hands.

That’s why all of this month’s walks explore a spectacular stretch of coastline over a leisurely two days. Each provides plenty of places to stop and admire the view, as well as beaches to perhaps enjoy an afternoon snooze (if the summer heat arrives early, that is!).

Most importantly, our routes have halfway (ish) towns or villages that are large enough to offer a bite to eat and a bed for the night.

ROUTE 1 Moonscapes and seascapes in northern Anglesey

ROUTE 2 Out along the coast and back through the villages in Ceredigion

ROUTE 3 Enjoy remote sandy bays along Pembrokeshire’s south coast


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