Plunge Pool Ambles

by Webmaster, 25th August 2020

These two circular walks take you to idyllic rock pools where you can enjoy a cooling wild swim in beautiful surroundings

Photo: Daniel Start www.wildthingspublishing.com

Anyone who’s disappointed that they weren’t able to make the most of the summer this year should remember that we’re not done with it yet. Yes, the kids may be going back to school, but September’s weather is often sizzling, and sea temperatures are at their warmest now, too.

Nothing makes you feel more alive and invigorated than dunking yourself somewhere beautiful in the hot sun, so we’ve found some great pools for you to try this month.

ROUTE 1 – Estuary views, a sandy crossing, and a warm dip off the coast of Gwynedd

ROUTE 2 – Clamber down to a scenic rock pool in Gower

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