Sunrise strolls

by Webmaster, 23rd September 2020

Even late risers can enjoy an invigorating sunrise walk this month, and our two routes also offer gorgeous views to perfectly frame that golden glow

Some people love being up at the crack of dawn. They awaken at first light, eager not to waste one moment of the day.

For the rest of us, lugging ourselves out of bed for sunrise is a magnificent idea… right up until we have to actually do it. At this point, the alarm is hurled across the room, the duvet is pulled over our head and we drift back to sleep, ready to face the world again some time between Homes Under the Hammer and Bargain Hunt.

If you’re in the ‘would love to, but can’t be bothered’ camp, then October might be the month to get you out the door, as sunrises now are at a very reasonable hour – nearly as late as 8am until the clocks change on the 25th.

ROUTE 1: An early morning amble in The Mumbles, Gower

ROUTE 2: Spend an idyllic dawn on Anglesey’s east coast


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