Sunrise walks

by Alf Alderson, 18th September 2018

Watching the sun come up from a windswept peak is a fantastic way to start the day and these beautiful east-facing walks will give you a ringside seat

It’s not unusual to head off for a walk late in the day to watch the sun set in the west – ideally from a good vantage point.

However, not that many of us head out on a walk specifically to watch the sun rise, even though it can be just as dramatic and life-affirming as the setting of the sun. This is mainly due to the fact that – obviously – sunrise occurs early in the day and few people want to get up before the crack of dawn to go for a walk, especially in the summer months when the alarm might have to be set for 4am!

But in the middle of autumn you can enjoy a sunrise perambulation without having to get up too early – in mid-October sunrise is at around 7.30am in Wales. In fact, you could even enjoy a walk and a viewing of sun-up before going to work. Watching the first rays of the sun radiate across the land is as good a way as any of starting the working day.

This month’s walks all take you to vantage points where you should – on a clear day – enjoy a good view to the east to watch the sunrise. You don’t necessarily need to get to the high points to enjoy sun-up but the higher you are, the more dramatic it will be. So, set your alarm and get up with the birds for your next walk.

• Check the time of sunrise and sunset for any date and location at www.timeanddate.com


ROUTE 1 Climb up to these atmospheric castle ruins overlooking Llangollen to watch the sunrise, just as knights of old perhaps once did!

ROUTE 2 View the sunrise from the summit of one of Shropshire’s most iconic hills

ROUTE 3 Old industrial sites provide access to the high ground above Llangattock, Brecon Beacons for sunrise views


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For the full feature on sunrise walks, see the October 2018 issue of Welsh Border Life. For back issues, click here.


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