Battlefield rambles

by Webmaster, 22nd October 2019

Our rolling hills and fields can take on a new significance when you know they are the scene of a great battle. These three routes feature historic sites that are heavy with atmosphere

There’s something quite eerie about stepping onto a battlefi eld from a bygone age. Often, they’re in quiet, unassuming places where there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.

They may be like any field you’ve stepped onto, perhaps home to a few sheep, surrounded by hedgerows, and with the odd farmhouse visible in the distance. But knowing that several centuries ago, thousands of soldiers fought face to face in brutal, bloody, terrifying encounters, adds a fascinating dimension to the landscape.

ROUTE 1: See Usk Castle and walk the lanes where battle took place in Monmouthshire

ROUTE 2: Quiet fields that hold a very bloody secret north of Shrewsbury

ROUTE 3: A canal walk with a view over the battlefield


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For the full feature on battlefield rambles, see the November 2019 issue of Welsh Border Life. For back issues, click here.


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