Shun wild animal circus, campaigners urge

by Webmaster, 17th April 2019

Shropshire residents should stay away from Peter Jolly's Circus, say animal rights activists

Campaigners are pleading with locals in Bridgnorth to avoid a circus that uses wild animals in its acts.

Peter Jolly's Circus is one of just two in the UK to still feature wild animals and will be in the Shropshire town from 17th-22nd April.

But animal rights activists are condemning the existence of such practices and wants people to stay away.

“We've repeatedly documented the suffering and abuse of animals in circuses," says Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International. "Circuses simply cannot meet the needs of animals in small, mobile accommodation. You can help stop the suffering – don’t go to a circus with animals.”

The likes of the British Veterinary Association and Federation of Veterinarians of Europe are also strongly opposed.

Scotland has banned wild animal circuses, and 45 countries worldwide have placed restrictions. England and Wales have plans to impose similar bans.


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