Trees – the big plan

by Webmaster, 21st January 2020

The Woodland Trust releases its emergency plan to help make Britain carbon neutral

It's been the subject of great discussion by political parties of all colours, and now eco-charity the Woodland Trust has released its Emergency Tree Plan to highlight what needs to be done to help reach net zero carbon emissions and reverse the decline in our wildlife.

The Welsh arm of the charity wants to see the Welsh Government oversee the planting of 5,000 ha of new woodland each year and is petitioning for them to commit to this.

The Trust's CEO, Dr Darren Moorcroft, says: “As the Chief Executive of the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, I’m acutely aware that we start 2020 with more woods under threat from destruction than any other time in history. Tree planting rates are the lowest in decades, and 1 in 10 wildlife and plant species is under threat from extinction. Disease and pests have taken hold and risk to wipe out millions of our native trees. Never has the picture appeared bleaker.

“We’ve seen a lot of talk about trees and that is welcome but we’ve yet to see the action that is required. We’ve left ourselves a phenomenal amount to do in a very short space of time. The moment of crisis has come and action needs to be taken this year."

The Woodland Trust says that to increase the nation's tree cover we need more native woodland, sustainable commercial plantations, urban trees, hedges, agroforestry and even individual trees in the countryside.


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