Big Breakfast Birdwatch

by Webmaster, 30th March 2020

Start the day with some nature therapy courtesy of the RSPB’s Breakfast Birdwatch

There are few silver linings to the enforced coronavirus lockdown. But enjoying nature from the windows of our homes, gardens, balconies and rooftops is one.

So, between 8am and 9am, instead of waiting in a line of traffic on the school run, squashed on a commuter train or sitting in front of a computer screen in an air-conditioned office, nature lovers are encouraged to take part in the RSPB’s daily Breakfast Birdwatch. 

The charity aim to create a friendly, supportive and engaged community who are able to share what they can see from the safety of their own homes and gardens, all the while keeping within government guidelines in relation to Covid-19.

Inspired by the annual Big Garden Birdwatch in January, residents will be asked to spot and record different species, as well as learn more about British Birds via social media at #BreakfastBirdwatch.

There are huge health benefits to engaging with nature, which is particularly vital at the moment, as being confined to our homes can cause psychological distress for many of us. Watching blue tits, great tits, robins and goldfinches pecking at bird-feeders is not only a mindful activity that takes us away from our worries and fears for a few moments, but can also lift the spirits when we need it the most. 

As well as sharing your sightings, the RSPB will be providing ideas for things you can do for wildlife close to home and encouraging creativity such as wildlife-inspired poetry, art and photography. 

With the arrival of spring, there is so much incredible nature returning, blooming, growing and thriving outside. And while we are in the midst of an unparalleled crisis, we must not forget the power of nature.

Breakfast Birdwatch takes place every weekday between 8-9am. Go to #BreakfastBirdwatch on Twitter to share updates, photos, videos, questions and comments. Or visit to connect with the official national Twitter account for the RSPB.



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