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Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust makes waves with new canal app

by Catherine Waterfall, 26th June 2023

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust makes waves with new canal app

Technology and the great outdoors aren’t always the best of bedfellows, what with iffy mobile coverage and non-existent wifi. But the two have come together successfully in the shape of a new GPS-based app released by Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust (MWT).

Canal Safari is designed to enable people to discover the wildlife of the Montgomery Canal, which runs from Llanymynech to Newtown in Mid Wales and also crosses the Border into Shropshire.

Available for both Android and iPhone smartphone users, the app aims to bring visitors closer to the waterway’s wealth of wildlife via an illustrative-style map as GPS technology tracks you on your walks along the canal’s towpath. As it does, it suggests points of interest where certain species can be spotted, including dragonflies, kingfishers and otters. 

As well as great photography, you’ll also find interactive quizzes to take part in, plus functions allowing you to record rare birds and animals and share images on your social-media accounts.

“We’re so lucky to have the Montgomery Canal on our doorstep,” says Carla Kenyon, head of health and wellbeing at MWT. “Not only is it a vital resource for wildlife, it’s a fantastic space for people to get closer to nature and boost their mental wellbeing in beautiful surroundings.

“Canal Safari is an exciting tool that will enhance a visit to this wonderful waterway by enabling users to discover more about the birds, mammals and other wildlife that call it home.”

To download Canal Safari, visit

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