COVID UPDATE 3rd December 2020

Further to our November update, below, we can now confirm that Welsh Border Life / Welsh Coastal Life magazine has been given a planned return date of March 2021.

In the meantime, we shall be publishing lots of content - which would normally appear in the magazine - right here on walesandborders.com. This will be supported by our FREE email newsletter, the frequency of which will increase over the winter months. To ensure you are on our mailing list to receive the newsletter, click here

If you are a subscriber to the magazine, your subscriber record will be updated with a three-month extension. If you subscribe via GoCardless, however, this extension does not apply as your payments have been temporarily suspended and will only be reinstated once we recommence publication of the magazine.

If you have any further questions about our operations during this time, please email newsletter@borderpublishing.com as our offices are currently only manned on a part-time basis.

COVID UPDATE 23rd November 2020

We are heartbroken to announce that owing to the effect of lockdowns - first in Wales, and subsequently in England - compounded by the increasing uncertainty affecting trading conditions as we enter the winter months, we have been left with no option but to temporarily suspend publication of Welsh Border Life / Welsh Coastal Life as of the December 2020 issue.

As a result, we are not offering subscriptions to the magazine at present, which we realise will come as a great disappointment to the many of you who wish to purchase Christmas gift subscriptions. For this we can only offer our heartfelt apologies.

If you use GoCardless to subscribe to Welsh Border Life and have received a message stating that your subscription to walesandborders.com has been paused, please click here.

We had been determined not to let this happen again, but the simple fact is, the decimation of the hospitality industry in particular has rendered our business model unviable in the current circumstances and we have been forced to take the steps necessary simply to remain afloat. Sadly this has resulted in an affect on livelihoods within our small team and we ask subscribers to once again be understanding with us while we attempt to find a way forward.

During this time we shall be publishing our editorial content on walesandborders.com instead and keeping readers updated on the latest articles, columns, competitions, walks etc., via our email newsletter. If you have not received our FREE newsletter before, click here to be added to our mailing list.

To all those of you who have been in touch with your best wishes, we remain humbled by your incredible support. It's been an extremely upsetting and stressful time for all of the team, as you can imagine. So knowing you are rooting for us really does help.

We shall, of course, be updating this page with further information as soon as we have it. In the meantime, please rest assured we are working on plans to resume publication of the magazine as soon as possible.