It is with great regret that we have to announce that owing to rising costs of production and falling advertising revenues we shall no longer be publishing the digital editions of Welsh Border Life and Welsh Coastal Life. The effect of the pandemic was obviously profound for everyone, not least the small businesses who have formed the backbone of our business down the years. However, this has now been compounded by the burgeoning cost-of-living crisis, such that we are no longer able to keep up our high standards of editorial content given the level to which our advertising revenues have fallen.

Ever since the first lockdown was announced, we have been humbled by the support of our readers and subscribers, and by the insistence of many to continue with their paid subscriptions. While we shall continue to provide great content for our readers on we shall, of course, totally understand that those who have hitherto continued with their paid subscriptions on the voluntary basis now in place may no longer wish to do so. With this in mind, we wish to point out that, as a third party, we are not able to cancel subscribers' standing orders. These need to be cancelled by the holder of the bank account from which funds are being paid. Please see below for existing subscription arrangements.

We thank you all once again for your incredible support during these past couple of very troubling years. And if you are in any position to do so, we would encourage you to also support our advertisers on who continue to face increasingly turbulent times.


Today is the day! We're proud to announce the re-launch of Welsh Border Life. If you're a subscriber to our newsletter, you will shortly be receiving an email containing all the details you need to enjoy our new-look, new-format issue. If you're not signed up to it (it's FREE), do so now by clicking here.


At long, long last! We're delighted to announce that Welsh Border Life is set to return in its exciting new format on Monday 17th May, with Welsh Coastal Life not far behind. Look out for the email newsletter that'll be going out to everyone on our mailing list that day. If you're not signed up to it (it's FREE), do so now by clicking here.

In the meantime, click here for a closer sneak peek of the cover...

May the 17th be with you!



Further to previous updates on this page, we would like to reiterate that Welsh Border Life and Welsh Coastal Life shall both be returning in a new and exciting format soon. Furthermore, we can confirm that the former subscription model is to be replaced with a new optional contribution scheme.

As we have explained previously on this page, we - like many small businesses - have suffered considerably from the effects of multiple lockdowns. It has been heartbreaking for us to suspend publication of our magazines and to lose valued members of our hard-working team.

However, as we prepare to bounce back in a post-Covid world, we fully recognise that we are not alone in suffering the financial impact of the pandemic. It is for this reason that we shall be making the prized editorial content of our magazines available for all, regardless of ability to pay.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been bowled over by the many messages of support and encouragement from readers and subscribers. We can't thank you enough, especially those of you who have expressed a desire to continue to support us via your subscription payments. We are so grateful.

In response to all those of you who have asked if you can continue to subscribe, we can confirm that all standing orders will continue to be accepted, unless cancelled by yourselves. Please see below for full details of existing subscription arrangements. We shall be making a further announcment regarding our new optional subscription model in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy all the editorial content continually updated on and via our regular email newsletter. If you have not received our FREE newsletter before, click here to be added to our mailing list. And look out for news of the return of Welsh Border Life and Welsh Coastal Life, coming soon.

We thank you all again for your amazing loyalty during this difficult time. And if you can, please do support our online advertisers as well, who are also facing similar difficulties to ourselves in adjusting to the new business landscape.


Standing Order, via your bank
Will continue to be collected unless cancelled by yourselves

Currently on hold, no payments being taken. Please await further details

Currently on hold, no payments being taken. Please await further details