A mixed bag

by Black Sheep, 1st February 2017

Regular readers of my monthly bleatings in Welsh Border Life will be aware by now that the ancient art of running has exercised its vice-like grip on me of late.

At first it was a means of escaping the builders here at Chez Sheep 2, after our recent move to Llanyllanllan. But in true Forrest Gump style, I now can’t stop.

Maybe it’s the sight of the new AGA in the kitchen, and the monthly copy of Border Life next to it, open at Elley Westbrook’s recipe pages, full of delicious naughtiness destined to turn me into something resembling a steamed ginger and treacle sponge pudding before I exit middle age. Either way, it gets me out of the house. And with approximately no-one for company as I circumnavigate Lake Vyrnwy day after day, Mrs Sheep is content in the knowledge that I’m not down some running club about to literally run off with the next Paula Radcliffe.

At least I though she was content. But it seems the bug is spreading. Turns out there’s a running group round these parts just for the likes of Mrs S, with groups in Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Llandrinio, Bishops Castle and Bridgnorth, no less.

Thankfully, thoughts of her running off with the next Mo Farah were allayed by the fact that they’re a ladies-only group, as evidenced by their jocular name.

“I think I might join the Dolly Mixtures,” she mused while perusing a rather pink website the other day.

“Are you sure?” I enquired. “They get allsorts there.”

For details of the Dolly Mixtures, including their annual mixed 10k trail run at Powis Castle in Welshpool, visit www.rundolliesrun.org.uk

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