No ducking the Drakeford debate

by Black Sheep, 2nd July 2020

Our newsletter in mid June certainly touched a nerve!

There are hornets’ nest and hornets’ nests. And the one kicked up a couple of weeks back by our email newsletter, with its demands for Wales to be set free, was more of a Brazilian killer beehive.

As a quick reminder, in support of an industry-wide plea from the tourism sector - under the heading Mark Drakeford: killing us softly - Border Publishing (it wasn't me yer honour) implored the First Minister to “sit up, listen and take the appropriate action”, adding that his attitude to business was slowly strangling the tourism industry in Wales, and that if he couldn’t see that, he should consider his position.

Course, I had to be dragged into it, with claims that my recent satirical slant on Drakeford’s performance these last few months was becoming “a worryingly accurate portrayal of a man out of his depth”. Ouch!

Cue a red-hot mail server as readers hit the reply button with some ferocity. And alarming division.

If you thought Brexit was bad, that was a mere aperitif. I’m not sure Britain has been this divided since the Civil War. Roundheads, Cavaliers, Leavers and Remainers eat your heart out. The Lifters and The Lockers are as on the same page as Mother Theresa and Vlad the Impaler.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Well said. He is hopelessly out of his depth and should step down.

I believe Mr. Drakeford is doing a brilliant job of steering Wales through this international pandemic.

Utter madness.

Mark Drakeford has been clear from the onset that Wales will open when it is safe to do so and I respect him for that.

Drakefraud is a complete maniac.

Hi. This is brilliant.

It’s your money or your life - not really a choice is it?

No, the clown is not listening and neither is the opposition.

Since when has your publication become a mouthpiece for Tory activists?

Hi there, I completely agree with your article.

And my personal favourite…

Removing the five-mile limit… would flood our coastal communities with the ‘grab all’, selfish, litter droppers and ant-like members of the broader lemming society.

“Ant-like members of lemming society…” What would Darwin have made of that?

Best keep ‘em peeled for six-legged suicidal rodents, though. The five-mile limit ends on Monday!

A mutton for punishment, Black Sheep welcomes all comments. Email to air your points of view. You can also read Black Sheep in Welsh Border Life every month.


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