All white on the night

by Smug Sheep, 1st February 2021

Remember that load of old nonsense I wrote about changing January to December?

'Twas the week before Christmas. (Well, a week and a bit. But "Twas a week and a bit before Christmas" doesn't scan so well.) And all through the Borders not a creature was stirring. Understandable really, given we'd just been uncermoniously dumped into Tier 10, or something. Anyway, that was when I penned my cunning plan on how to guarantee a white Christmas for all the Christmases yet to come. Remember?

Course not. There's been a few things going on since. A busy Christmas, a hectic new year, that Brexity thing, a few jabs in the arm... A vaccine war with the EU. (Note to self: no jokes about feeling a little prick...) So here's a quick recap.

My plan was this: For a month, we stop the clocks on New Year's Day, leave the calendars alone, let the days tick by and wait. Wait until the 1st February 2021, and simply call it the 1st January instead. Coz by pushing everything back a month, the 1st December 2021 will fall on what would’ve been the 1st January 2022. And every December after that will occur during what was once the month of January. When it invariably snows.

Now I know you probably all thought I'd gone and guzzled Santa's generous portion of sherry in expectation that he'd be furloughed in 2020. Or that I'd completely lost my mind in all the excitement of a Christmas without the in-laws. But I've got news for you; I was being serious (it does happen occasionally).

But my problem is, how do I prove that to you? How do I keep my flock onside? And the answer is obvious: photographic evidence.

So here's one I took of Llanyllanllan on the 25th January 2021...

Imagine if it had been the 25th December instead.

Just saying.

Stay warm. Stay safe. 

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