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by Webmaster, 21st March 2017

Paper cuts, by Caroline Rees, Mumbles, Swansea 


Swansea born and bred, paper-cut artist Caroline has a degree in textile design and a postgraduate degree in glass. She lives in Mumbles and works from her home studio, where she makes prints, textiles, jewellery and more. Here's a showcase of her paper cuts:

Above: Fishing – “I wanted to represent the sea and sky as an all-over pattern. I like the decoration of the sea and the fact the blue makes a stripe at the bottom of the composition. I love stripes.” 



Alfresco -  “This is a section of a larger, more detailed paper-cut commission which depicts a family of five in their garden with their dog, house, arbour and trampoline. I love the pop of colour as it adds an extra dimension to the paper cut and has become my signature.” 



Welsh Town - “When I reach the lighthouse near home I have a view over the bay towards Swansea and all the houses on the hills. This paper cut is my representation of that view, using my imagination and memory. I created it by walking, drawing, amending, walking, more drawing, more amending... I just kept re-working the composition until it looked just right.” 



Cliff Path - “I walk the cliffs in Langland every day and this is a snapshot of a scene from my route, with some artistic licence. It’s an interesting composition made up of blocks of patterns and undulating movement. I love simple, bold and graphic imagery, and am inspired by primitive art, Scandinavian textiles, my Welsh heritage and the Gower landcsape.” 



Coast - “This is representative of Mumbles’ seafront, except in reality there are no trees above the buildings (there is a huge hill but that didn’t work for my composition). I really like the way the decorative and repetitive trees, the buildings and the sea all make horizontal stripes. I have a sketchbook full of ideas for future stencil designs.” 



Shoreline - “This is one of my first paper cuts. I loved the process and the result so much I haven’t looked back since. The great thing about cutting paper is the stencil is the artwork (unlike stencils used for sandblasting which are destroyed in the process). Cutting the circles in the trees and the lines in the sea was challenging and required a steady hand!” 



The Sea - “This is my favourite design and one of my most popular paper cuts. The trees work well and I love the movement created by the lines of the sea. As with ‘Coast’, it’s loosely based on the seafront at Mumbles, although you’d never know without me telling you – there’s a lot of artistic licence!” 



Village - This is called ‘Village’ after Mumbles, where I live. It’s a typical Welsh village with lots of buildings stacked up on the hill. I’ve added patterns to the rooftops to make the design more decorative and I enjoy using people in my work as they add narrative and a humorous element.” 






Langland Bay


For an interview with Caroline, see the April 2017 issue of Welsh Coastal Life (for back issues, click here). For more information about Caroline and her work, visit


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