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by Webmaster, 17th September 2018

Watercolour paintings by Leri Kinder, Cheshire

Leri was raised in Llanfyllin in Powys. After studying Renaissance art and working as a teacher, she now lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire, with her husband Eric. Her work is exhibited widely across the West Midlands and Wales.


Above: The Delights at Huntlands Farm

“We stayed at a lovely B&B on the border of Hereford and Worcester, and this old Tudor barn was directly outside our bedroom window. The building formed a good backdrop, and that cockerel looks regal, but was actually quite bad tempered!”


Apples at Chilworth

“We were staying at a lovely location and went for a walk through a vast orchard. These particular apples grabbed my attention along the way. It was simply because of the way that the sunlight was hitting them, and the fact that the sky was such a vivid blue. In order to achieve the highlighted areas I simply left the paper unpainted.”


Conkers Outside my House

“We have a row of horse chestnut trees opposite our house from which conkers fall in their hundreds, and this collection of conkers was on our wall. It was a sunny day and the sheen on the conkers and the shadows were just so strong that they had to be captured. I needed to look carefully at the colours, and getting the right shade of brown was essential, along with the touches of blue on the creamy, soft lining of the conker shells.”


Squeeze Stile

“This Derbyshire stile was one of two that I painted, and it won an award given by Derbyshire County Council. Having searched for a number of days in the county, this was the squeeze stile I chose to paint along with a step stile. Careful observation of structure and colour, leaving white areas unpainted and shadowy areas much darker, helps to create depth. It probably took about two weeks of painting a few hours a day to complete.”


Stepping Stones at Bodnant Gardens

“This is one of two paintings of mine that I have hanging up at home. I know both my husband Eric and my daughter Lucy enjoy this work. Although I was pleased with the water, I don’t believe that I’ve mastered water yet – there’s always more to learn. I liked the close-up of the stones, but particularly the calm water before the stepping stones and the gushing, rushing water as it tumbles through them on its downward journey.”


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More information

To see more of Leri’s work, and to get in touch, visit www.lerikinderart.co.uk 


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