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by Webmaster, 23rd October 2018

Paintings by Vyvyan Davies, Carmarthenshire

Vyvyan was born in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, and having lived in London and Cardiff, moved back to West Wales in 2014. He and his wife Barbara now live on the Machynys Peninsula just south of Llanelli.

ABOVE: Storm at Mumbles Lighthouse 

“I knew from the outset the mood I wanted to create. I like the effect of the crashing waves against the rocks and the turbulence of the sea. All of this portrays an intense and dynamic scene which I’m very proud of.”



“This shipwreck is a landmark of Rhossili Bay on the Gower coast. Each day, the ocean reveals the historic structure and it presents a wonderful subject to capture on canvas. This is my second painting of the wreck, which allowed me to create a very different composition, with the focus on the strong graphic form of the wreck in the foreground and the small tidal island of Worm’s Head resting on the horizon.”



“Believe it or not, this is my third painting of Three Cliffs Bay. I went for a walk last year and took a different approach to previous walks and it was quite apparent to me that this view had to be captured. Having painted three different angles of the bay, I’m pretty certain there’s another angle to choose from. I’ll keep searching! Painting the Three Cliffs was the best part of creating the piece, as I made every effort to capture the depth and character of the scene in a very prominent way. The foreground was the trickiest part to paint as I didn’t want to make it too detailed. I took time over this part and made changes as I went along until I felt it was right.”



“This is one of five large format paintings currently being undertaken for a client as private commissions. Following an initial meeting with the client, we established the style, colour and subject matter and from there I decided to paint Burry Port Beach as the first painting. The location is only five miles from where I live and I was able to visit the scene on a number of occasions to establish the right viewpoint for the best composition. With the iconic lighthouse on the right and the Gower Peninsula in the background, I used the breakwaters in the foreground to give the depth of perspective I wanted to achieve. It was important not to rush the painting as I wanted to enjoy every moment and I have to say, large format painting is pure bliss. I look forward to the next challenge!”



“This painting shows the rugged structure of the rock outcrop set against the incoming tide on the north east of the bay. The composition, which prominently features the jagged rock face dominating the bay in the foreground, is intended to draw you into the painting. The beautiful sandy beach, the white surf and the clear blue sky provide a well balanced contrast to the rugged foreground of the painting. It’s a place which can draw you back time after time.”


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For more information

To see more of Vyvyan’s work, and to get in touch, visit www.vyvyancollection.co.uk


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