Inspired By The Sea: Catherine Bailey

by Charlotte van Praagh, 18th December 2018

Textile art by Catherine Bailey (Flossie & Twts), Conwy

Wales born and bred, Catherine lives eight miles inland from Denbigh on the North Wales coast in a 300-year-old mill with her partner Jenny, their two cats and dog. A full-time textile artist, she sells locally and accepts commissions.


“I’m both frightened by the idea of sailing and obsessed with watching boats. Seeing them on the water battling against the wind evokes freedom, and I love being in a harbour hearing the clink of halyard against mast.”



“I wanted to create a picture capturing the commercial aspect of the seaside, and ice creams are synonymous with being at the beach. I used crazy pieces of material with the imagery, and I’m pleased with how it turned out. It’s just a fun picture.”



“This exhibition piece uses layered stitch and appliqué. I was saddened by the modernisation of Conwy Quay which made it look ugly and artificial. Although the old quay-front was manmade too, it had a look of antiquity. So I wanted to cut out all the ugly, modern stuff and focus on the traditional look of Conwy.”



“Lots of people do pictures of Penmon, but for me it’s a really special place. My grandmother used to live in a village called Gerizim on the North Wales coast in an old chapel house. When I used to visit her, she’d always have her sewing machine set up in the sitting room. In the summer, we’d sit in the garden where we had an incredible view of Anglesey, the Menai Strait, Penmon and Llandudno. At night, from my bedroom window, I’d see the fl ash of the lighthouse. For me, Penmon is therefore connected with an incredibly happy time in my life.”


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For more information visit: www.flossieandtwts.com


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